Google + GET IN IT!

About a month ago I put out a form from google documents to add you guys to my Google+ page. Remember Google+ is not open to the public yet so if you got one feel lucky, find the email I sent you and jump on board. I read today that Google+ is only second to Facebook. It's moving up and you (we) should be in the loop. As far as videos are concerned on the YouTube page expect some stuff soon. I want to get back to my roots of reactions and rants. I love to record them and I think you guys like to see them.

If you want a google (+) plus invite email me (jallen285@gmail.com) or find the form before this post. Would love to hear from you guys.

Also Rehab or Bust is taking a lot longer than I expected I've lacked so much motivation nonetheless, yes, I will finish it and you guys can see the great end results I've been seeing since our 'subject' returned.


Yo' Bey - You can get it!

I have a long withstanding feud (as I see it) with one of my dearest friends Norman. It involves who's better Beyoncé, or Janet Jackson. As a whole. I am in favor of Beyoncé. And her latest album. WOW. There are some phat beats, a ballads, like 'I Miss You" a dope ballad with some dope beats. Also 'Rather Die Young' has a nice smooth 60's feel in my opinion. The album is awesome because I think she took some risks and they paid off well. There's also a song called, 'End Of Time' it has a nice island vibe with again dope beats. I know I'm a little biased when it comes to Mrs. Bey, however I haven't heard an album more rich in diversity, a intensity. It's good shit.


Rehab - Complete?

It seems this year is just flying by. Since I last wrote Sam is out of rehab and back in her life. She is still clean and seems to be doing well. Check out the previous posting and stay tuned next week for a full video/documentary on the entire experience. There are a lot of raw emotions, and footage. I must write, I became a different person after this 'experiment' and it's nothing I want to do again. I've found it fun to post reactions and OTHER things of interest.

Addiction is an EVIL thing. It tears you from yourself, and what one is addicted too becomes their soul. Before doing a drug think about all the shitty, crappy, destructive things you're doing to yourself.

We've all been there..I think..


We're all the ENEMY. We Are?

It's been 12 days since my last posting. The last time I was here Samantha had just left for rehab. We all were excited about what the outcome would be of her treatment. I was excited to see her come home and recommit to her family and taking care of her children.

As the high comes down, and the blood returns to normal levels, the addict becomes the hated one.

While staying at Samantha's house, watching her children and trying to resume some sort of normal life for them; her apartment was robbed. A nice (rented) flat screen TV as well as her son's XBOX 360 were stolen. This is the second time in a year her house has been robbed. It's easy to assume these robberies are no coincidence. I believe part of the reason Samantha was so anxious to leave for rehab is she owed so many dealers money!

For the first few nights here alone with the children I was quite terrified. All night usually beginning after midnight there would be vicious bangs on her front and back doors. Also while at her place someone was activly trying to break in! My yelling scared them away. Never seen the culprit.

It's unfortunate that Samantha has endangered her life as well as her children's lives to get the next high. While binging her only friend was the crack-pipe and she wanted it by any means necessary. I mean 'by any means necessary' literally. The dealers wanted their money 'by any means necessary'. It's scary.

She's clean 2 weeks now! She's showing signs of responsibility. She'll come home to an amazingly cleaned home. I've spent days cleaning there. Can't wait for her release.


What do you want to know?

Hey Guys, In an attempt to be a bit more involved, I've decided to actually use my formspring account. I've had it for I think two years so I think it's time I work it out. So feel free to drop me a ling about anything and everything, I'll work hard on replying to all and weeding out the stupid. lol, no, seriously don't be a nut. http://formspring.me/jallen285


Oh hy (=

Looking at my last post about YouTube's 5 year anniversary, one would think I have not been here in that long (1 year). I have been here but I deleted some post that were just lame and lazy.

However in so many ways life actually took over. I remember the video I made about my life taking over a few years back. I had no idea what I was talking about. Now, I must say I do. I've done so much in last month I could fill a small chapter book.

Nonetheless it has given me resolve in my life and a fever to do better. Does that make sense? I don't mean to talk bad on others I know, so I won't. I learned a world of insight and that lesson hopefully will stick with me forever.

So, for the 43 people who actually follow this blog here's what you missed video-wise...

About a month ago my little sister Ashley, my nephew, Malique, as well as our rottweiler and her 9 puppies ''whew.. went to our backyard and began to plant seeds. We figured the weather was wonderful, the puppies needed the exerciser, so why not. Of course I recorded the entire time, and gave some of the best parts in an edited video @ YouTube.

Also maybe 2 months ago I recorded an update video in my basement, which was a bad idea because it looks like a hostage video. Nonetheless the best part is when my nephew Malique joined me. He's the very best.

So that's about an update. Don't forget the comment box.