TwitPic is the first photo on scene.

So this is quite awesome, and it shows how new media is sweeping the world. Even ten years ago the news of this accident would not have traveled as well as it did, with so many first hand accounts. It's a tribute to the influence NEW MEDIA has on us today. If you're interested you should get a Twitter account, and while you're there follow me!

LCD screen & visits~

There's a computer sitting right next to me so why am I typing this on my iPhone? It's because I've been looking at LCD screens all day today as well as yesterday. Hell Ive been looking at these screens all week non-stop. So yes I'm trading in on LCD for another. How ironic. But it feels different so mentally that's good enough for me.

Yesterday I added a page counter to this blog. I wanted to see what kind of traffic I was getting here. Though I like blogspot much more than my wordpress blog; blogspot sadly foes not give insight to the people who view the blog page. Anyway since yesterday my counter has recorded over 7,000 views. That's actually pretty good. I'm assuming they are coming from YouTube wanting to see 1 Guy 1 Cup, watch the video of re poor fella who was crushed by the wheel of the monster truck. I guess what I'm hoping is people will bookmark me and come by read up from time to time. I'll need to put something here worth reading!!! It's 12:53 pm here in Chicago. I'm heading home soon to sleeeeeep and beat this illness. Oh yeah I think I actually have the flu this time. Wish me well.




Monster Truck Accident

If you have not watched my YouTube video on this following video I would encourage to do that first. The image in the following video is quite disturbing. I fought with my morals putting this video however I've decided that it's something I think if people want to see to gain a better appreciation of life then I'm somewhat obligated. This video sure has gripped my innermost being, and showed me how amazingly precious and fragile life is.


[CC] baby!

Of course every time I blog about something I'm excited. And boy do I have good news.

I didn't know this however back in September YouTube added the ability for its users to add closed captions to its videos. I just found this out yesterday! I've spent a great amount of today adding captions to some of my videos. I'd like to have all of my videos updated with captions by the end of February.

I'm so glad I can expand my net of viewers and include people whom their hearing is not as good as the rest.

Check out some of the latest videos I've closed captioned to see how it looks!




new jizz

Lately I've been posting so many videos on YouTube. The now infamous 1 guy 1 cup video has increased my views in YouTube and now since I have it posted here the traffic via this blog has also increased. So that's pretty sweet.

Just to let readers know what's going on so far. I've posted a Beyoncé video. It's all me acting like I can sing. I've also posted a video titled "The 30 second fail". Check it out I made the video and I'm still laugh watching it. If you're here reading and you're a new subscriber thanks so much. You're the bees' knees of my life right now.





1 Guy 1 Cup

Video REMOVED - For the Good of humanity, my part at least. -Allen http://www.facebook.com/jallen285 After stopping for drinks at an illegal bar, a Zimbabwean bus driver found that the 20 mental patients he was supposed to be transporting from Harare to Bulawayo had escaped. Not wanting to admit his incompetence, the driver went to a nearby bus-stop and offered everyone waiting there a free ride. He then delivered the passengers to the mental hospital, telling the staff that the patients were very excitable and prone to bizarre fantasies. The deception wasn't discovered for 3 days.


Getting more views on YouTube! (Ive Been)

It's amazing the "progress" I've made on YouTube just by posting videos. Haha who would have thought that the way to get more views there is by just posting quality videos. Quality videos with catchy titles, great tags and a great thumbnail picture. That's what I've done. In the past week I have posted four videos and I've received more views already than I received in all of December, mind you right now we are just starting the second week in January. So this is good news.

I'm also excited about a collaboration I'm doing with LCbabieee that's a five part series. Part One is up and doing pretty well. I'd like it to do a little better, so pass it on to five friends!


1 Guy 1 Cup

Have you seen this video?! I remember early last year (08) watching 2 girls 1 cup with a friend and recording a reaction video. I also remember telling myself I would not watch such videos again, or record ridiculous reactions. Who was I kidding?

I kept hearing over and over again from my subscribers about this video and how disturbing it was. One would think if someone is writing you something is disturbing then you should not watch it, right? Well that had quite the opposite effect on me. I had to see it, and I had to watch it with my reactions play by play on camera. That's just what I did too. Also in the video info section I provided a link to the ACTUAL 1 guy 1 cup video.

Be Advised this video is sooooo much worse than the 2 Girls 1 Cup. It makes 2 girls 1 Cup look like childs play.


Make em' say wha' wha' ! HELLO

Whew, where did the time go?
I hope you all had a great holiday season. It's snowing a lot here in Chicago.

Right now I'm sitting at my real job updating about my fun job on YouTube. In the past week I've added 3 videos and I'm planning on adding one tonight!

I'm excited that I've gotten another breath to post videos. Sometimes I feel so tired or uninspired. Nonetheless, I'm here and I'm back and I'm ready to post like I've never posted before!

LCbabieee (a friend of mine who is also quite popular on YouTube) and I have collaborated on another video. I'm sure you all remember one of my MOST popular videos "Sure You're Gay". Its got so far almost 200,000 views and counting! Our newest colab is a series of five videos where we have a series of funny and sometimes serious talks. I hope you'll go on to mine, or her channel to check them out. Series 1 of 5 will be out by 9pm CST.

Other than that be on the look out for other fab videos from yours truly. I'm looking to video blog at least 5 times a week - and do really great entertaining videos twice a month. So that's 22 videos a month WOW haha lets see if I can keep up with that.

Have a great weekend!