We're all the ENEMY. We Are?

It's been 12 days since my last posting. The last time I was here Samantha had just left for rehab. We all were excited about what the outcome would be of her treatment. I was excited to see her come home and recommit to her family and taking care of her children.

As the high comes down, and the blood returns to normal levels, the addict becomes the hated one.

While staying at Samantha's house, watching her children and trying to resume some sort of normal life for them; her apartment was robbed. A nice (rented) flat screen TV as well as her son's XBOX 360 were stolen. This is the second time in a year her house has been robbed. It's easy to assume these robberies are no coincidence. I believe part of the reason Samantha was so anxious to leave for rehab is she owed so many dealers money!

For the first few nights here alone with the children I was quite terrified. All night usually beginning after midnight there would be vicious bangs on her front and back doors. Also while at her place someone was activly trying to break in! My yelling scared them away. Never seen the culprit.

It's unfortunate that Samantha has endangered her life as well as her children's lives to get the next high. While binging her only friend was the crack-pipe and she wanted it by any means necessary. I mean 'by any means necessary' literally. The dealers wanted their money 'by any means necessary'. It's scary.

She's clean 2 weeks now! She's showing signs of responsibility. She'll come home to an amazingly cleaned home. I've spent days cleaning there. Can't wait for her release.

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