Oh hy (=

Looking at my last post about YouTube's 5 year anniversary, one would think I have not been here in that long (1 year). I have been here but I deleted some post that were just lame and lazy.

However in so many ways life actually took over. I remember the video I made about my life taking over a few years back. I had no idea what I was talking about. Now, I must say I do. I've done so much in last month I could fill a small chapter book.

Nonetheless it has given me resolve in my life and a fever to do better. Does that make sense? I don't mean to talk bad on others I know, so I won't. I learned a world of insight and that lesson hopefully will stick with me forever.

So, for the 43 people who actually follow this blog here's what you missed video-wise...

About a month ago my little sister Ashley, my nephew, Malique, as well as our rottweiler and her 9 puppies ''whew.. went to our backyard and began to plant seeds. We figured the weather was wonderful, the puppies needed the exerciser, so why not. Of course I recorded the entire time, and gave some of the best parts in an edited video @ YouTube.

Also maybe 2 months ago I recorded an update video in my basement, which was a bad idea because it looks like a hostage video. Nonetheless the best part is when my nephew Malique joined me. He's the very best.

So that's about an update. Don't forget the comment box.

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