Yo' Bey - You can get it!

I have a long withstanding feud (as I see it) with one of my dearest friends Norman. It involves who's better Beyoncé, or Janet Jackson. As a whole. I am in favor of Beyoncé. And her latest album. WOW. There are some phat beats, a ballads, like 'I Miss You" a dope ballad with some dope beats. Also 'Rather Die Young' has a nice smooth 60's feel in my opinion. The album is awesome because I think she took some risks and they paid off well. There's also a song called, 'End Of Time' it has a nice island vibe with again dope beats. I know I'm a little biased when it comes to Mrs. Bey, however I haven't heard an album more rich in diversity, a intensity. It's good shit.


nh3plusjdj said...

Of course your biased and blind.. But that's fine. There's no maturity.. It's the same subject matter... Different beat.

jallen285@gmail.com said...

No, the songs do show a progression, it's all in the lyrics. Listen to it a few times, don't knock it Norma just because it's Beyonce.