Drag Me To Hell

So I went to see this movie Drag Me To Hell this weekend with my potential love interest... he thought the movie was stupid but enjoyed the plot line. . .

I however was scared shitless! There was one part in the movie that almost made me go running out of the theatre in terror! I don't like to spoil films so I won't, however if you are a fan of scary movies I think you'll like this enough. I think it's worth the ten bucks. Good story line good graphic, or whatever you'd call the special effects.

Also one interesting fact is the banking scenes were filmed in a old west coast Washington Mutual Branch. I could tell by peach colored letters in the background (some big and little words saying, retirement, financial security etc. HA!) just a cool side note. Yes, the film Drag me to Hell was filmed in a Washington Mutual Branch (WaMu)

I was even more terrified at that little fact lol.



Over 100,000 hits!

If you check the counter at the bottom of this page you will see that it has logged over 100,000 visitors this year!

In mid-January when I posted the 'One Guy One Cup' video I installed the counter, since then there has been a steady increase in readership. I'm sure the blog has a bit more this than that since I've been running it before I installed the counter, however it is exciting to actually see the numbers.

My goal now is to post more often even if I don't have a disgusting or funny video to post.

Anyway check out the latest disgusting video here, be sure to comment or check the reaction box with your vote for your thoughts.

It's exciting!