Google + GET IN IT!

About a month ago I put out a form from google documents to add you guys to my Google+ page. Remember Google+ is not open to the public yet so if you got one feel lucky, find the email I sent you and jump on board. I read today that Google+ is only second to Facebook. It's moving up and you (we) should be in the loop. As far as videos are concerned on the YouTube page expect some stuff soon. I want to get back to my roots of reactions and rants. I love to record them and I think you guys like to see them.

If you want a google (+) plus invite email me (jallen285@gmail.com) or find the form before this post. Would love to hear from you guys.

Also Rehab or Bust is taking a lot longer than I expected I've lacked so much motivation nonetheless, yes, I will finish it and you guys can see the great end results I've been seeing since our 'subject' returned.

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