What Chris Matthews Said...No, seriously...

Hey Everybody.

I just want to do a quick commentary on my latest video.

When the video first begins you'll see I started in color. Take good notice on the color in that small beginning. I took good care to bring the best light after a LOT of experimentation. So ya wanted to point that out.

Also, the video is not taking a side of either party (i.e. my racial community, or the white). It's a very objective view (hehe) I happen to ponder. Nonetheless, hope you can appreciate it.

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8_CLfYNDESw

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tourist caught having sex on roof

This is some crazy stuff! Normally if you catch someone in public having sex it's safe to assume it's some youngsters doing it. These people in the following video are at least 50 I'd think and he's pounding away! Haha and his ending is odd but rather classic... Watch with caution. U may laugh a lot.

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Guys do pull ups from Sky Scraper (AKA IDIOTS!)

There are very little words for how stupid these guys are. I've heard of thrill seekers, however these guys really take that term to a new level. The video will have you walking away saying "what idiots!" But enjoy.


Helping in Haiti

When there is a natural disaster like the recent one in Haiti I'm sure many of us wonder how we can help. If you're like me you wish there was an instant way you could help. What I've done is found a way via text messages. If you text Haiti to 90999 you can send $10 to the Haitian efforts of recovery and rescue. Right now they need all they can get. Haiti is a VERY poor country and they cannot do it on their own. Please if you're reading this and you can spare Ten Bucks give it to this cause. And if you can do more contact the Red Cross. Here is a video I made it's 20 seconds long also talking about the easy text.

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Video: How YOU can help in Haiti in 20 seconds.