New Juice!

So I’ve posted a new video today. This video is the third one this week. This is cool because I’ve not posted videos in so long. The first one of two new characters I’m developing with a YouTube friend ISoLoveLondon. The project should turn out swell. Here’s a video
The other videos I’ve put out are pretty sweet too. One is actually just a remix to a video I made 6 months ago that got really good play then. So now I’ve taken that video and spent the morning remixing it. I think it turned out really well. I have editing down really well. I really hope you guys enjoy that.
The third is also on my channel. It’s a response to the new characters I’ve created with user ISoLoveLondon.
I employ you! Go watch my videos, and subscribe as well!


Shame on Spain.

Spain might have high hopes of bringing the Olympic flame back to the Iberian peninsula in 2016, but the country that played host to the Barcelona Olympics in 1992 is sporting a public relations black eye today.
The Spanish Basketball Federation took out a full-page ad in the country's largest sports newspaper, Marca, wishing the men's and women's teams good luck in the Beijing games. The photo accompanying the ad, however — showing all team members making a slant-eyed gesture — raised eyebrows and sparked international outrage.


Where've I been?

Good question! After my 24 hour video marathon I knew I wanted to take a break but I was not sure for how long. Turned out to be 2 months. But really I had only a break from making YouTube videos. I started a job at the bank, this is my second time working here. But it's quite demanding on my time.

But peeps, have no fear I shall return with gifts for all! I'm getting together with YouTubes IsOlOvELoNdOn to make a series ofswell videos to make all yall happy. I'm so sorry I have not been around. Be sure to chech here and my YouTube for all the updates!