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Yo' Bey - You can get it!

I have a long withstanding feud (as I see it) with one of my dearest friends Norman. It involves who's better Beyoncé, or Janet Jackson. As a whole. I am in favor of Beyoncé. And her latest album. WOW. There are some phat beats, a ballads, like 'I Miss You" a dope ballad with some dope beats. Also 'Rather Die Young' has a nice smooth 60's feel in my opinion. The album is awesome because I think she took some risks and they paid off well. There's also a song called, 'End Of Time' it has a nice island vibe with again dope beats. I know I'm a little biased when it comes to Mrs. Bey, however I haven't heard an album more rich in diversity, a intensity. It's good shit.


Rehab - Complete?

It seems this year is just flying by. Since I last wrote Sam is out of rehab and back in her life. She is still clean and seems to be doing well. Check out the previous posting and stay tuned next week for a full video/documentary on the entire experience. There are a lot of raw emotions, and footage. I must write, I became a different person after this 'experiment' and it's nothing I want to do again. I've found it fun to post reactions and OTHER things of interest.

Addiction is an EVIL thing. It tears you from yourself, and what one is addicted too becomes their soul. Before doing a drug think about all the shitty, crappy, destructive things you're doing to yourself.

We've all been there..I think..