LCD screen & visits~

There's a computer sitting right next to me so why am I typing this on my iPhone? It's because I've been looking at LCD screens all day today as well as yesterday. Hell Ive been looking at these screens all week non-stop. So yes I'm trading in on LCD for another. How ironic. But it feels different so mentally that's good enough for me.

Yesterday I added a page counter to this blog. I wanted to see what kind of traffic I was getting here. Though I like blogspot much more than my wordpress blog; blogspot sadly foes not give insight to the people who view the blog page. Anyway since yesterday my counter has recorded over 7,000 views. That's actually pretty good. I'm assuming they are coming from YouTube wanting to see 1 Guy 1 Cup, watch the video of re poor fella who was crushed by the wheel of the monster truck. I guess what I'm hoping is people will bookmark me and come by read up from time to time. I'll need to put something here worth reading!!! It's 12:53 pm here in Chicago. I'm heading home soon to sleeeeeep and beat this illness. Oh yeah I think I actually have the flu this time. Wish me well.



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