My Spider Plant (care instructions as well.)

Got this plant from a mother Spider plant at work. There are actually four. Once I planted them in good compost and let this uncommon rainy season take over it grew quite well.

Below I found some growing care that I following closely. See my image below.

Pot your spider plant correctly.
Use a good houseplant potting medium, not garden soil.
Repot it in a larger pot each spring or divide the old plant into several smaller ones and repot them in a fresh potting medium.
Place your spider plant in the right light.
Put your spider plant in an east, west or north windowsill any time of the year.
Put the spider plant in a south window during the winter months or 12” (30.5 cm) away from a south window in late spring and summer.
Provide bright florescent or other lighting and spider plants will do fine.
Provide light shade to deep shade for spider plants that are used outside.
Water the spider plant correctly.
Use room temperature water.
Use distilled or rain water, if possible.
Let the pot surface feel dry to the touch before watering.
Water until water drains from the bottom and empty drained water from trays promptly.
Fertilize spider plants once a month in the spring and summer with houseplant fertilizer mixed according to label directions.
Keep spider plants between 40º and 85ºF (4.5º to 29.5ºC).
Groom spider plants by trimming off dead leaf tips or leaves with scissors.


(Photo by J. Allen)

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