A Day In My Life

Here is a new neat idea.

Here's what I'm going got start doing today! : Today on Facebook I read a post by an old highschool classmate titled: "A day in my life' What this person has done is chronically mapping a day in her life with a new baby, her husband and her dog. Its generally a "update" sometimes every other hour and at times every half hour.

I love this idea. It's great because if people are interested what a day in the life of a peer who is happily married with a new baby, you can. I'm sure this day for her is unique in its own little ways however seeing just one is just as fun!

What I'd like to do now is the same thing but twice a week for a year. My spin will be blogging about it here and putting it on video my YouTube Channel I'm always looking for fresh ideas, and I think this will be an awesome beta project.

Thanks Rachel


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