Drag Me To Hell

So I went to see this movie Drag Me To Hell this weekend with my potential love interest... he thought the movie was stupid but enjoyed the plot line. . .

I however was scared shitless! There was one part in the movie that almost made me go running out of the theatre in terror! I don't like to spoil films so I won't, however if you are a fan of scary movies I think you'll like this enough. I think it's worth the ten bucks. Good story line good graphic, or whatever you'd call the special effects.

Also one interesting fact is the banking scenes were filmed in a old west coast Washington Mutual Branch. I could tell by peach colored letters in the background (some big and little words saying, retirement, financial security etc. HA!) just a cool side note. Yes, the film Drag me to Hell was filmed in a Washington Mutual Branch (WaMu)

I was even more terrified at that little fact lol.


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Chris said...

I suppse that WaMu needs all the income it can get (there's lots of money in letting someone film on your premises).

I suppose that the reason the WaMu logo didn't appear is that they asked the producer for too large a fee.