Las Vegas!

Right now I'm on a flight to Las Vegas. I'm quite excited since I have not been there in almost a year I
not even big on gambling, however I lovethe scene of it all.

I'm stating at the Palazzo. It's re newest edition to The Ventian. It's a sweet hotel since of has hugh flat screen TV's in every room including the bathroom. This is great for someone like me who lives inside his Hoyle too
even when on vacation. I think there is is t somethig about being away from
it all that appeals to me. More so than the warm weather and various shows in Vegas. Though I'm sure I'll see a few.

I'm flying southwest airlines and there is a really sweet lady sitting next to me knitting. We've had small talk ad she told email how she's gone back to college to become a teacher in the California school. She attends classes alongside her children. I thought that was prett neat.

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